Diving around the world
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Various ways of travelling by boat

There are a few great ways to sail the ocean from the United States to Europe. The boat rental you take will depend upon your departure location, your destination and the season in which you wish to travel in. Many people take boats because they don’t like to fly, have bad a back, bad knees, can’t sit for long periods of time or simply just love to sail and smell the fresh salt air. Whatever your reason for sailing, instead of flying to Europe, you’ve definitely got your choice in vessels.

Sailing is a great way to travel for those who wish to take it slow and easy on their voyage to Europe. Each type of vessel has its perks, but all can be costly. Most ship lines and charter services ask for at least half of the total price of voyage up front, and that can amount to a couple of thousand dollars per person, depending on your choice.

One of the most important ways to protect yourself from losing that money, in the event you have to cancel your trip, is to purchase travel insurance. Travel cancellation insurance is inexpensive and valuable with many reasons for cancellation being covered. Don’t put yourself or travel mate at risk of losing a great deal of money, get financial protection up front.

It is still possible in this day and age to hop a freighter to sail to Europe. Many freighters limit the number of passengers, but you won’t be bunking with anyone else. The accommodations are not by any means as luxurious as a cruise ship or yacht, but they do have their own charms, are quite adequate and your meals are provided. There are age restrictions of those age 5 years and below to 79 years and above, though these ages may vary a bit between lines. The trips themselves are slow going. For example, a trip from Los Angeles to Germany takes around 41 days.

Best diving spot

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