Diving around the world
27 Février 2017 à 03h52 - 1722 clics

Check out Asias best diving spots

Clear water, coral reefs, underwater flora, incredible wildlife and a simply heavenly world, this is what everybody wants to discover by diving. In Asia and everywhere without the rest of the world, diving spots are very varied and very numerous. As far as Asia is concerned, we can discover more than twenty of them all magnificent and interesting for discoveries under the sea.

The most famous countries for diving

When we hear Asia, we think of succulent dishes, a very welcoming population and exciting and especially holidays. Yes a holiday usually happens in areas bordered by water. But when you go to the coastal areas, you do not just think about swimming, you want to go as deep as you can. Whether you are in the Indo-Pacific region of the Philippines and Indonesia, or traveling through Thailand or Japan, the trip is always worth it. You will simply make beautiful encounters with beautiful species of soft corals and hard corals but also seaweeds and endemic plants found only in the seas of the region. Otherwise, you will also have an opportunity to see various animals such as whales of all species, seahorses, rays and several crustaceans all equally endemic in the area. Your trip to Asia will be simply rich and rewarding.

The most extraordinary dive sites

With nearly 20,000 small islands that house the most beautiful species of coral reefs on the planet, Indonesia seems to be the best destination for a scuba diving holidays. But we must not settle too early since Japan is also very attractive with the site of Okinawa. And almost the same underwater views exist in Malaysia in the region of Sabah whose main spot is Sipadan. One of the best spots is also in the Philippine archipelago, a small marine paradise. The dilemma persists as to the best destination for diving as the diving sites of Thailand are breathtaking especially on the spot of Koh Tao.


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