Diving around the world
16 Février 2017 à 02h44 - 1719 clics

Try diving in Thailand

Nestled among between Burma, Laos and Cambodia, Thailand is a mythical country, print of wisdom and a culture thousand-year-old, landscapes except standards and with architectural sublime elements .

The scuba diving Thailand is a fabulous travel in the kingdom of the sharks of reefs or Sharks leopard, the marine tortoises swim into a circle across seabeds of an incredible opulence.
The explore the immense wealth of this underwater life, will bring to you a very childish happiness , so much the spirit of discovery is at every moment stimulated by the various landscapes and innumerable spot of diving.
The spot of Koh Tao where one can admire in addition to his splendid coral reefs, of large fishes such, the barracuda.

The Siliman islands, whose statute of natural reserve makes it possible for the underwater life to thrive, is the most beautiful site in Thailand for the diving.
Transparent Green water , sparse islands at the horizon, in the azure, and the resplendent of tropical forests, a flora and a stunning underwater fauna, large fish like tuna and the bonitos pursues peaceful and prosperous lives here in the multicoloured corals.

In the Surin islands, with a few nautic miles from there, enjoy pure waters and bluish, with granite rocks which come since the mountains,on a land wich emerged suddenly with immenses many blocks thrown into the sea. Here, undoubtedly you will encounter the shark whale, which made its refuge of it.

But the high place, where the magic always operates, by the exuberance of its multiform nature, it is Richelieu Rock, place of legend, in the middle of the Andaman Sea; because here, you will meet all the fishes, underwater fauna and flora of which you always saw the images in the books of underwater adventures.
Here, it 's real. And believe me, it is a psychedelic and marvellous travel, to the transcendental limit. The shark whale, the largest fish of the world, the troops of barracudas and morays, giants in underwater landscapes which will make you feel on another planet, more wild and imposing, in a green oasis draped of white sand, and decorated corals, thousands of species live here, in a marine sanctuary. Of course, the queen of océan, the manta ray, floating under the horizon of the sea, in front of you.

The diving in Thailand immortalizes for you, the delicious memory of a new accessible world for the sportsmen and amateurs in love with nature, for the epicureans of the retina, the quiet heart


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