The best places to ride your horse in the sea

All you need is a little shift of view sometimes. And nothing changes your viewpoint like seeing on your very own horseback riding beach vacation maritime forests and beach dunes. Breezes of the sea and sprays of salt mist. Miles of beach in front of you. Waves hugging the shore softly under you. This is a one-of - a-kind experience in a unique location. Little ones will love ring rides, and with a wooded trip through local paths, everyone will appreciate a family escape. Feel free, connect with the globe of nature, and embark on adventure, whatever route you choose. The smell of sea salt tickles your nose with wind whipped hair flying. Stop and wave the beach-goers as you ride on a bike. For enthusiasts of sea horses, here are three areas to ride on the beach.

Five Brooks Ranch

Residents of Bolinas may not want to discover their coastal community, going as far as taking directional signs, but next door neighbor, Olema rolls out the welcome mat for day-tripping tourists who want to ride with their horse at the sea.

Outback Trail Rides

Down south, on the main coast of California, you will discover a Down Under cowboy. The indigenous Australian comes from a lengthy line of cowboys and has an outstanding record of safety. Because of the open nature of beach riding, the Cayucos beach rides are for tiny organizations with previous riding experience needed. There are select days accessible throughout the year. Trotting and cantering are allowed at the discretion of the guide for sophisticated cyclists. Call for the present timetable of riding.

Sea Horse Ranch

Half Moon Bay, off the Pacific Coast Highway in California, may be renowned for gnarly waves and home to the surf place of Pillar Point and Mavericks, but you will also find sea horses with cwd used saddles on their back there. No, these are not the kind of sea horses swimming in the ocean. Instead, the seashore is taking cyclists down. Driving on Highway to the south you will discover them resting under the shade of Eucalyptus trees, sand under their hooves.

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